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The worlds most traveled motorcycle

So you think you have put the miles on your bike? Check out the story of Peter and Kay Forwood who hold the world record for most miles and locations on a motorcycle… or any vehicle for that matter.

From the website:

“Peter & Kay Forwood Trip Around The World On A Harley-Davidson

The World’s Most Traveled Motorcycle

This has been a fifteen year journey throughout the world which started in Australia on the 3rd of February 1996 and finished in October 2011. In October 2008 This Harley-Davidson motorcycle, carrying our luggage, became the first and only vehicle to have been ridden in all the 193 internationally recognized countries of the world that existed at that time. Since then we have continued traveling, visiting places we previously missed or returning to places we enjoyed. Our motorcycle was purchased new in 1994 and we have now ridden it over 610,000 km.”

MoverQuest was honored to ship this bike from Southern California back to its home in Australia.