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Tipping The Movers

Should you tip your movers or not?

Movers are different than other service industries. For example, A taxi driver or waitress expects a tip. It's the customary thing to do. But movers don't expect it. It's nice if they get it but okay if they don't.

If you'd like to tip your movers go ahead. They'll really like it. Think about it, they work harder for you than any other service provider who gets tips (waiter, valet parking, etc.).The standard in the industry is about $20.00 per mover for a full day of work (8hrs), and $10.00 for 1/2 a day work (4hrs). This is for each day of work, so on an interstate move you would pay a tip to the loading crew on the loading day, and another tip to the delivery crew on the delivery day. The crews are different but the driver would be the same. Local moves that we do on one day would of course be the same crew all day, and you would pay the tip at the end of the day.

This is just an average. I've heard of larger tips given to the crews, but this will give you the usual amount. Using a percentage of the move costs (like you do for a restaurant tip) isn't practical because moving costs can vary so much depending on what's included in the estimate.

Tipping is completely optional. Don't feel under any obligation to tip your movers. You're paying enough for the moving service, and they are getting paid to do your move at the quoted price which everyone agreed upon, so nothing else is expected from you. Don't give a tip if you'd rather not.

Here's an idea that can help. Offer to buy the guys lunch. They really like that too. Ask what they want for lunch and then go get it or have it delivered. You might find that they've had too much pizza lately so maybe Subway sandwiches sounds better to them. Also, have bottled water available during the day, and ask if they'd like Gatoraid or soda's too. It's a small investment to keep them going strong and feeling good during the day. Food and drinks instead of a tip is totally fine.

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