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Sturgis Motorcycle Shipping 2015

It isn’t too early to start planning the motorcycle shipping for your 2015 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Trip, August 3 – 9. People have already been calling and emailing for motorcycle shipping rates to and from Sturgis this summer.

We have one carrier that has great round trip shipping rates. They also have 3 trucks at this event every year that stay during the entire Rally. It makes receiving your bike at Sturgis and dropping it off after the rally very convenient. The fact that the trucks stay at the show makes it a very desirable option.

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More Interesting Stuff We Move

It is fun to move stuff that is different and unique. A month ago a collector in Scottsdale, AZ asked us to move a 1958 BMW Isetta 300 for him from central Oregon to Arizona. We did, and it went great. We just picked up a rare 1970 Mini Cooper for the same customer in Portland, OR. That will deliver to him early next week.

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Delivering 2 Voodoo Motorcycles

Here’s something you don’t see every day. We delivered two custom VooDoo bikes into a local warehouse in Los Angeles. From there they get crated up and shipped overseas.

The driver Rick was being extra careful with these bikes. They are valued at around $80K each! They have real “surround” sound from all those speakers. We didn’t turn on the stereo but it must sound terrific.

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Car Shipping for rare BMW Isetta 300

Here is another interesting car we just loaded. It is a rare 1958 BMW Isetta 300. The car opens from the front. It is smaller than a VW Bug. It was located in a very remote area along the coast of Oregon.

We got the call for a rate request on Wednesday. Most car carrier companies needed 2 – 3 weeks to find a driver who could load in that area. One of the carriers we work with happened to have a driver in that area at the time of the call. We were able to load it the next very evening. The customer was very happy with our service and sent us these pictures.

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Shipping a Motorcycle with Side Car?

We really don’t get too many requests to ship a bike with side car. But when we do please know that bikes with side cars do sometimes present a unique challenge depending on the dimensions of the unit. Most trucks that pick up bikes have a standard size lift gate. And many of those lift gates just won’t accommodate a large (wide) unit….and so many haulers will request that there be a dock or fork lift at each location.

When requesting a rate on a bike with side car, dimensions are very important. We do have some haulers that use rigs with larger lift gates. But those carriers are usually a bit more expensive and have less trucks available than normal.

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The worlds most traveled motorcycle

So you think you have put the miles on your bike? Check out the story of Peter and Kay Forwood who hold the world record for most miles and locations on a motorcycle… or any vehicle for that matter.

From the website:

“Peter & Kay Forwood Trip Around The World On A Harley-Davidson

The World’s Most Traveled Motorcycle

This has been a fifteen year journey throughout the world which started in Australia on the 3rd of February 1996 and finished in October 2011. In October 2008 This Harley-Davidson motorcycle, carrying our luggage, became the first and only vehicle to have been ridden in all the 193 internationally recognized countries of the world that existed at that time. Since then we have continued traveling, visiting places we previously missed or returning to places we enjoyed. Our motorcycle was purchased new in 1994 and we have now ridden it over 610,000 km.”

MoverQuest was honored to ship this bike from Southern California back to its home in Australia.

Shipping an airplane

Recently MoverQuest had a unique request. We were asked to ship a small private plane from Van Nuys, CA to Japan. We ship lots of motorcycles, cars, freight and household goods. This was our first plane. But as you can see from the enclosed photos, we did it.

We had a very capable and resourceful 4 man crew. The client made certain the wings were already removed from the plane when we went to load it at the Van Nuys Airport.

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Shipping the $800,000 Harley

In early 2005 The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, Harley-Davidson, and Bartel’s Harley auctioned off a Road King on eBay to help the tsunami victims in South Asia. The bike was auctioned off for a whopping $800,100.00. The money raised from the bike’s auction on eBay benefited the American Red Cross International Disaster Relief efforts.

Man, this is a bike you do NOT want to have any damage on. Here I am with the bike, personally overseeing the packing and loading.

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