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Shipping an airplane

Recently MoverQuest had a unique request. We were asked to ship a small private plane from Van Nuys, CA to Japan. We ship lots of motorcycles, cars, freight and household goods. This was our first plane. But as you can see from the enclosed photos, we did it.

We had a very capable and resourceful 4 man crew. The client made certain the wings were already removed from the plane when we went to load it at the Van Nuys Airport.

We employed a tilt back tow rig to get the plane up onto a level platform so it could easily go right into the 40’ overseas ocean container.

We ended up removing two tires as well.

As you can see, all went well. The plane, its wings and its tires were all secured inside the container and off to Japan it went.

It arrived several weeks later and the client was very satisfied. Below is a photo from FaceBook showing the happy customer with his plane in Japan. Gary is the attorney that helped this client get the plane sent to Japan.