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You Load It We Drive It

You Load It We Drive It

You load it and we drive it. You save money over a traditional mover. This option falls somewhere between a full service move with a major household mover (United, Allied, Mayflower) and renting a truck from (U-Haul or Penske) that you have to load AND drive yourself. “We drive it” means the moving company and the driver drives it, not MoverQuest.

The You Load It We Drive It service includes the trailer, dollies, blankets, straps, ladder, ramp, fuel, taxes, and most importantly the professional driver who knows how to load the trailer properly to save space and prevent damage.

The best part this moving service is that you have a professional driver there to supervise the move. The driver will participate in the loading and unloading to be sure it’s done right. The driver will make sure the furniture and boxes are loaded tight and secure to prevent the load from shifting during transit. You will need to work together with the driver to load and unload your furniture.

You can also pay a little extra for some professional helpers to load or unload your furniture.

If you pay extra for professional hepers, they will be using industry standard dollies that roll easy on the sidewalks, professional clean moving blankets to protect your furniture, and tie-down straps to keep the load secure. It’s also much better than renting a bare trailer because you will not need to pay extra for the moving equipment, and you will have the professional driver to help you with the move. That right there is a big deal!

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This service is designed for 1/2 trailer load or a full trailer load. It’s a great moving option for someone with at least 3 bedroom apartment/condo/townhome/house. If you have less than 3 bedrooms, please don’t get a quote because it’s going to be too expensive.

Professional moving trailers are taller and wider than the ones you would normally rent.

This moving option is ideal for those who are looking to save some money and have that do-it-yourselfer attitude. It makes most sense with a typical 3 bedroom apartment/condo/townhome/house and larger.

We offer these two sizes:

1/2 trailer (26 feet of floor space)
This is the same as a 26′ rental truck and a 10′ rental truck combined.
Good for a 3 – 4 bedroom home (around 12,000 pounds)

Full trailer (52 feet – the total trailer length)
This is the same as two 26′ rental trucks and a 14′ rental truck combined.
Good for 5+ bedroom home with lots of stuff (around 24,000 pounds)

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Here’s another shot of the inside of the trailers. We use top quality professional moving trailers and equipment on all of our moves. You are going to love this equipment.

You Load It We Drive It