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Alaska Motorcycle Shipping

Motorcycles going up to Alaska are first sent to Kent WA. From there the motorcycle gets crated up and shipped up to the Anchorage warehouse. It takes around 2 ½ – 3 weeks to go from Kent to Anchorage.

It’s easy to pick up your bike at the warehouse in Anchorage. You can also take delivery at the warehouse in Fairbanks for an extra $75.

To get a quote for motorcycle shipping to Alaska, fill out the motorcycle shipping quote form.

The Dalton Highway goes from Fairbanks up to Deadhorse (about 500 miles). Deadhorse AK is on the far north side of Alaska, as far north as you can go. Here is an interesting video I found that shows what the roads and scenery are like. It’s a video from a MotoQuest Alaskan motorcycle tour.

If you make ride up to Deadhorse, you could stay in the Prudhoe Bay Hotel overnight, and ride back the next day. Here is the Trip Advisor page for the Prudhoe Bay Hotel.


To get a quote for Alaska motorcycle transport, please fill out the motorcycle shipping quote form.

MotoQuest (not MoverQuest) has some fantastic guided motorcycle tours in Alaska. You can see their tours here: http://www.motoquest.com/guided-motorcycle-tours-alaska/

They offer complete tour packages including the motorcycle. If you would like to ride your own motorcycle in Alaska, we can ship your bike up there and pick it up when you are done. That would be some serious quality time on your motorcycle.